POS IN CLOUD - The Best Tablet-based POS in the Market!

POS IN CLOUD is your complete source for Mobile Point of Sales Solutions. We have the best POS app in the business designed from the ground up to be expandable and synced with the cloud for total data security. To compliment this we offer a full line of POS accessories from cash drawers, printers, credit card swipers to tables stands and enclosures. And we support iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Blackberry; more platforms than any other POS app! Make a break from the old fashioned bulky PC based POS systems that are costly to expand, have no data backup and no remote management tools. Switch to our tablet cloud based system which allows you to monitor your restaurant from any remote computer via real time cloud data sync. Gain from our experience with a large installed customer base and our top notch customer service. Contact us now to learn more about our complete POS packages or get information on a custom system tailor made for your business.

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The POS IN CLOUD App is free to download and use, no expiration limit on the trial license. There is a monthly fee for the basic license which covers the technical supports and the cloud backup service.

Employees Management
Kitchen Printer
iOs Android Windows 8
20+ Templates
0 sec Cloud Sync
4+ Languages
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